Why musicians are often unfaithful to their partners

Musicians are absolutely special people. They are very different from the others and I’m sure the more talented a musician is, the more wired he or she is. Music is passion. Only a very emotional person can make music or play music. A person who wants to give himself fully to something or somebody. But there is one more thing I have noticed. Such emotion-addicts can’t be true to their lovers and partners. It’s all about their nature and psychology.

When you are empty from the inside and the fire is not burning in your soul, you just can’t compose or sing. You just sit in your room gazing into space. What is going to give you maximum emotions? The feeling of love, of course. Muses have always inspired poets and artists. New amorousness inspires musicians. When they feel affection, their soul starts singing and its tunes are perfect.

I’m convienced music, sex and love are closely connected. I feel horny when I’m performing in front of the audience. I want to have sex after being on the scene. And when I fall in love I devote all my songs to the man I’m in love with. Stable relationship can’t give this feeling. Also I quickly cool down and I need new inspiration, new emotions and passion. That’s why it is so difficult to be in a stable relationship with one man.

Don’t tie the knot

There is one more reason why musicians are not true to their partners. Musicians are rolling stones. Vagrancy, concerts, parties… it’s very difficult to live with such a person.  Not many people are able to put up with such an extravagant lifestyle and make peace with someone who is always out of home and has dozens of admirers. Their partners become jealous, suspicious and grumbling, which, in its turn, makes an artistic person more and more indifferent and irritated. A partner tries to keep them on a short leash and the relationship is getting worse.

What to do if you want to live with somebody playing or singing in band and don’t want your partner to cheat on you? You must always remain a mystery for this person and don’t try to tie him or her up. Be the fire and the ice rolled in one. Be with them and all by yourself at the same time. Make them think of you every minute and make them want to compose for you. If you manage to become a muse for an artistic person, he or she will not have sex on the side. At least while he or she is fascinated by you. Be stronger and more independent. Try to be one step ahead.

Otherwise your star will live a life of lust and passion. Endless parties, alcohol and young admirers. All this leads to multiple sexual relationships, very often it may be homosexual (lesbian) or group sex. What you normally feel after the concert is drive, euphoria and a splash of hormones. All you want to do is have sex. You just party and talk to people and you find a body that excites you and you make love. It’s almost impossible to stop it. You can’t have a glass of milk and go home after the concert. You have to live it up to the end, all that excitement and success. As for me, I think it’s better not to settle down if you are a musician and not to commit yourself to one person. It’s never too late to tie the knot, but if you are young and want to sing, don’t make other people unhappy. You can enjoy life and sex and not break anyone’s heart.