Music, Sex

What music is perfect for sex

I’m a musician and I feel music with my heart. It determines my mood and is able to arouse my emotions and awaken my feelings. Music can excite me and even make me horny. I can say it’s a very important part of my life. Of course I always have sex with something playing from my speakers. But it can be different types of compositions depending on the type of sex.

Sometimes it is like a burst of passion. Something wild and crazy. Such intimacy should be accompanied by very emotional and passionate tunes. Usually I play rock or alternative in such cases. It gives me drive and I tune in.

When I have a constant partner I don’t feel that passion any more. Our sexual relationship becomes more sensual and deep. We enjoy each other’s bodies to the fullest, we touch and kiss one another. I like wearing seductive lingerie and a beautiful makeup. I usually lit up the candles and start with a warming up massage. Also I adore it when a partner gives me oral sex, deep and tender. Such night should take place to some kind of music other than rock and alternative. In such cases I prefer new age or ambient. Good old Enigma or Era are perfect for a sensual night. They create an atmosphere of mystery and lust. Also it’s very good to show striptease to such tunes. When I listen to new age, it seems to me that effectors become much more perceptive. Every kiss and touch feels great and all my body turns into one big erogenic zone. Also my fetish is vocal trance. It’s like a drug. It carries me away and enables me fall into the world of deep sensual pleasures.

If a couple has a lot in common and lots of shared memories, they usually have “their” song. It’s a good idea to play this song while having sex to refresh your feeling to each other. Your night will be warm and affectionate. Music can help you feel the emotions which you felt when you first met your partner and fell in love with him.

Also you can create special anchors to feel sexual excitement. You just chose one ove-making melody and never listen it in any other situation. Very soon this melody will start associating with sex and every time you hear it, you will start feeling sexual excitement. It is going to help you tune in to the right wave-length and switch from your everyday problems. When I had relationship with a guy from my band, we used to have such an anchor and it was one of the songs by Michael Jackson, quite a catchy tune, but with lots of fire.

Actually if you don’t know what to start with, google any music for striptease or lounge music. It will create a pleasant and relaxing background for intimate games and will not distract you from the process. If you are not crazy about music, you don’t necessarily have to match the melody to the mood. Crazy people like me find it interesting. I’m sure for most people good lounge is absolutely enough to create a pleasant background for love-making. It’s a good idea to create a playlist on your computer with the right music for sex. When you hear these pleasant tunes, you will have no problems with relaxing and getting away from everyday normality to the world of pleasures. R’n’B is also great for sensual sex as well as intimacy full of drive and fun. Traditional sex playlists include such compositions.